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Granite, Marble & Stone Countertops

Good kitchen remodeling services combine excellent design, functionality and money-saving energy efficiency. That’s why Kitchen Krafter’s talent-driven approach and full-service remodeling capabilities reward our clients with smart, sensible and innovative kitchens that continue to delight them for years.


Granite is considered one of the best types of durable igneous rock forms for commercial and personal use. That is why granite is a great option for the home.  Granite counter tops withstand deterioration of counter top surface. Extremes of both cold and hot elements exposed to the granite counter tops, along with the daily wear and tear from children and pets in the home are conditions that do not interfere with the durability of  granite counter tops . Granite is a very hard and determined element perfect for counter tops that is able to deflect abuse from bathroom and kitchen environments that would easily destroy other counter top surfaces. Granite counter tops  are impervious to burns, bruises or scratches encountered in daily use.

Unique Quality
Granite slabs used for granite countertops design and construction are unique in makeup; each is different and individual from the other. Slab colors vary in depth of color, veining, and color light, and design construction patterns. These countertops are made with your special and unique design needs catered to your home. They should be constructed to match the décor and interior needs of your home’s kitchen or bath areas. Matched with an undermount sink for the ideal for the kitchen area, bar, bath or island.


One of the major reasons why quartz is such a popular choice is because of its natural luster. When light bounces off the surface of a quartz counter top it projects a three dimensional look creating a stunning visual. If desired, quartz can have stone and glass incorporated for added aesthetics. Kitchen-Krafters uses both Compac and Cambria Quartz.

Quartz counter tops are engineered-stone counter tops. They are man-made by using 90% quartz and 8-10% resins and polymers to bind the stone together. Quartz is an extremely hard, non-porous material. It is scratch resistant and made with anti-microbial protection for easy care and clean. Quartz counter tops have a multidimensional, gem-like look.

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